How to Add a Consistent, Month-by-Month Revenue Stream from Business Coaching and Advising Services 

In this FREE ebook, you’ll meet Brad Golchin, an accountant who leveraged his existing skills and client relationships to add $10,000 per month in revenue from business coaching and advising fees.
You'll learn how to...
  • Leverage your existing database of accounting clients who can also benefit from having you as their business coach and advisor. 
  • Serve your clients even better by studying their financial information to identify problem areas that you can solve as a business coach and advisor.
  • Build on the trust you already have with your accounting clients so you don’t need to do the entire business coaching/advising ‘sales’ process from scratch.
  • ​Use financial analysis tools and best practices from the business coaching and advising industry, so you know exactly what to do to grow your clients’ profits quickly.
  • ​Retrospectively prove the results and economic value of the coaching and advice you’ve given your clients using their financial statements.
  • ​Access a complete, proven system that will empower you to take business owners from ‘Chaos’ to ‘Freedom’ in five steps, dramatically increasing the value of their businesses.
As an accountant, with an existing book of clients, you are sitting on a business coaching and advising revenue gold mine!
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About Coaches’ Coach

Coaches’ Coach offers executives the world’s most effective business coach training and most comprehensive system for how to become a business coach. For more than 10 years, Coaches’ Coach has been the industry’s most trusted resource for training on how to acquire and retain business coaching clients, recruit and develop rockstar associate business coaches, and build multi-million dollar business coaching firms that empower business and executive coaches to change the fortune of entrepreneurs while profiting handsomely.
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