ATTENTION: Business Coaches who HATE dialing the phone but would love hot transfers into live calls with real business owners…

Imagine sitting down at your desk, logging in, picking your list, pressing the ‘Go’ button, and having 6 to 10 business owner conversations per hour WITHOUT having to make a single dial yourself...

How It Works...

The ConnectAndSell Lightning service is an auto-dialer on steroids, executing 150+ calls per hour and delivering to business coaches a LIVE CONVERSATION with a business owner on their list every 2-5 minutes! 
  • Commence your 30-day unlimited access trial for as many dials as you can consume in 30 days!
  • (NOTE: a very special introductory price for Coaches’ Coach members is ONLY available here...)
  • Choose your list of business owners.
  • Sit down at your computer for at least a few hours a day.
  • Log in to your account, press the ‘Go’ button and wait just a couple minutes for your first conversation.
  • ​Talk to 6 to 10 business owners per hour!
  • ​Book your face to face sales appointments.
  • ​Win new clients!

In my first month...I sold 3 monthly recurring clients totaling $3,669/mo!

I love ConnectAndSell! Frankly, I’ve tried every form of marketing available to business coaches and when you need to land clients fast, nothing beats direct marketing to your prospects. I’m reasonably good on the telephone, but I hate all the time and effort involved to make 20-25 dials per hour all by myself, only to have 1-2 conversations. It’s just TOO slow and TOO inefficient.

So I tried the unlimited calling for 30 days with ConnectAndSell. The results spoke for themselves. In my first month, I had averaged 11 conversations/day with a 38% positive outcome (out of 202 attempts/day) spending about 1.5 to 2 hours per day on the system. But here’s what counts! I sold 3 monthly recurring clients totaling $3,669/month and I have 12 others are very interested prospects and about 60 others requested materials or a future call back.

With ConnectAndSell the follow-up calls are so easy because it keeps notes of the conversation and prompts me on what to say when they pick up the phone. I’m so happy with the service that I bought their annual contract!

Jonathan Goldhill, Expert Business Coach
The Goldhill Group -- Coaching for Growing Companies
(818) 716-8826 (office)
(818) 268-2240 (cell)
(253) 270-2240 (efax)
jgoldhill (Skype name)

The ConnectAndSell Lightning service is for business coaches who want to have 6-10x the number of sales conversations they’re having today!

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